Toolbox: Mistral Reloaded Aseco
Mistral Reloaded Aseco Updates
Update 01.01.2012: FINAL!
Update 24.05.2010: Version 9.0 arrived
Update 15.05.2010: XML based music rotation added

Current version: v9.0.240510

Changelog Overview
Note: This list is unsorted!
  • Fixed: Some errors with specialchars in playername
  • Fixed: Avg. errors when deleting a player from database
  • Fixed: TMNF support for TMX
  • Fixed: Database changes for TMF
  • Fixed: Re-design of Maniahud (hugh!)
  • Fixed: Re-design of all other mania pages (recs, tracklist, jukebux etc.)
  • Fixed: Lottery give's -free jukebox tickets- to TMN(F) players

  • Removed: Disable voting when admin's online
  • Removed: Ranks in join message
  • Removed: Logging function of join/leave/chat
  • Removed: All the 'other' (bay, coast, island etc.) envir. functions
  • Removed: Info messages etc.

  • Added: New startup plugin (checks for customs mods/music etc.)
  • Added: ESL Settings for Rounds & Team added
  • Added: Trackrecords windows now with Next/Prev Buttons
  • Added: New variables on settings files for managing all serverdata you need
  • Added: Track-Record panel with unlimited sites (depends on settings file)
  • Added: Players window will show login, nick & zone
  • Added: Trackname in records windows (top20 recs on "trackname")
  • Added: One big settings file to tweak (nearly) the complete script
  • Added: Complete new design (the 3rd one)
  • Added: Admin function for adding/removing multiple loadscreens
  • Added: On the fly plugin loader/unloader
  • Added: Basic sample plugin for plugin loader
  • Added: New placeholder function for tracks without a record
  • Added: Some new queries to calculate stats and other little things
  • Added: New button for re-opening HUD (when closed)
  • Added: New open/closed Played HUD function
  • Added: More detailed stats window
  • Added: New GBX.Remote
  • Added: TMX info plugin (original by Xymph)
  • Added: TMNF support
  • Added: Admin commands displayed now with real admin name
  • Added: New re-designed help window
  • Added: New contact/serverinfo window
  • Added: New function to include dynamic content via xml
  • Added: Teamspeak Status (single mania-window or optional on chat)
  • Added: TS2datafetcher (fetching the data for Teamspeak status)
  • Added: Send individual bills to players via Adminpanel (TMUF only)
  • Added: Loads of other admin commands (specs, pwds, thingys etc.)
  • Added: Admin command /killrec (delete records for a specific track)
  • Added: Admin command /pid (returns the player-id for s specific login)
  • Added: Admin command /killpid (deletes a player and all his records/stats)
  • Added: Admin command /respawn (enable/disable cp respawn)
  • Added: Admin command /msg (state of the art admin chat to all)
  • Added: Admin command /mod (forcing clients to load a specific mod)
  • Added: Admin command /music (forcing clients to load a specific song)
  • Added: Admin command /add url://file.gbx
  • Added: Export server status for websites
  • Added: Export player statistics for websites - pngstats
  • Added: Plugin for Webmin and Plesk (linux only)
Mistral Reloaded is based on Mistral v5.0 (Aseco 0.6.1b, 1.1b, 2006 ?) So, keep in mind: Not compatible with newer versions like Aseco 2.x, X-Aseco, FAST, Mistral 8.x or similiar tools! Database migration from (x)Aseco to Mistral Reloaded is possible!